Taught entirely in English, in Sao Paulo, 15 places are available for foreigners on the Business Administration course, and 7 places are available for foreigners on the Public Administration course.

Registration for the university entrance exam of FGV’s Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP) opens today, March 20. A total of 200 places will be offered for the Business Administration course (25 through the ENEM exam and 15 for foreign students) and 50 places for the Public Administration course (seven through the ENEM and seven for foreign students). Classes begin in the second half of 2017.

Applicants may register for EAESP’s selection process in eight cities: Sao Paulo (SP), Salvador (BA), Londrina (PR), Ribeirão Preto (SP), Campo Grande (MS), São José dos Campos (SP), Goiânia (GO), or Recife (PE). During registration, applicants must select two cities in order of preference (one of which must be Sao Paulo.) Exams will only be held in cities selected as the first option of at least 20 registered applicants. Applicants whose first option of city does not reach this minimum number of applicants will be requested to take the exam in Sao Paulo.

Objective and discursive exams will be held on June 4. Applicants will then be required to take an oral exam, in order to assess their ability to argue and justify the vocational choice detailed in the Application Letter, in addition to evaluating each applicant’s analytical skills, ability to influence their surrounding environment, engaging in new social experiences, and fully exercising their autonomy in organizations, respecting the positions of other individuals. The final result will be announced at 6 PM on July 14, via fgv.br/vestibular.

100% English undergraduate course

FGV’s first school to offer an undergraduate course taught entirely in English, Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP) offers one class per semester (upon reaching a minimum quorum) for applicants qualified to attend all classes in English. Applicants choose the course language when registering.

International selection process

Only Brazilian or foreign students who obtained the following scores in the last two years are eligible to apply for the reserved seats of the IB/ABITUR International Selection Process: IBDP (IB) equal or greater than 34 points; and ABITUR score equal or lower than 2.3 (lower scores reflect better performance). In addition, applicants must have foreign passports or dual citizenship; have studied under mandatory education at institutions outside of Brazil for the last four school years; and hold valid immigration status in Brazil. Applicants will also be submitted to an oral exam and the results will be announced by July 10.

Registration must be made exclusively through FGV’s University Entrance Exam website, where the exam’s regulations are also available. Special conditions are available to applicants by 6 PM on April 7. Registration is open until May 10. Students who have concluded or are concluding High School in public schools (municipal, state or federal) or others holding full scholarships at private schools are not required to pay the registration fee.

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