The seminar will discuss the course of monetary policy in Brazil and around the developed world. 

Hosted by FGV’s Brazilian Institute of Economics (IBRE), the 2017 Annual Seminar on Monetary Policy will discuss the course of monetary policy in Brazil and around the developed world. Scheduled for 2 p.m. on March 17, the event will gather scholars and professionals from financial institutions.

The seminar will kick off with a roundtable discussing inflation targets. Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel, professor at PUC-Chile, will give the lecture “Passado, presente e futuro do regime de metas de inflação” [Past, present and future of inflation targeting]. Ernane Galvêas, FGV board member and former Brazilian Minister of Treasury, will moderate the debate between the Chilean researcher and Sérgio Werlang, advisor to the President of Fundação Getulio Vargas.

Next, participants will take a closer look at the global monetary policy scenario, particularly in the U.S. – considering the uncertainties surrounding Donald Trump’s administration. Eduardo Loyo, chief economist of Banco BTG Pactual, and José Júlio Senna, head of the IBRE Center for Monetary Studies, will discuss this subject, mediated by Ernane Galvêas.

The closing debate will address the Brazilian monetary policy. Marcílio Marques Moreira, FGV board member and former Brazilian Minister of Treasury, will moderate a panel featuring Afonso Bevilaqua, professor at PUC-Rio, Affonso Celso Pastore, founding partner of A. C. Pastore & Associados, and Rodrigo Azevedo, associate director of Ibiúna Investimentos.

“Amidst the Central Bank of Brazil’s monetary loosening policy and an increasing downward trend of the inflation rate, this meeting represents a great opportunity to discuss such crucial subjects to our economy, said José Júlio Senna, coordinator of the event.

After the seminar, a cocktail party will be held to launch the second volume of the book Essays and Conversations on Monetary Policy, by José Júlio Senna.

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