The goal is to promote discussions and insights on topics that advance Brazil’s economic development and social well being.

FGV’s Brazilian Institute of Economics (IBRE) will launch the “IBRE Blog” this month, creating a new communication venue between IBRE researchers and the general public interested in the national debate of public policies focused on economics. The blog will feature at least three publications from different IBRE researchers every week.

The public will be able to send comments to researchers, who will post articles, studies and links to other relevant texts, in addition to commenting on relevant news. Later on, renowned researchers and theorists may also be invited to contribute with content for the blog.

In line with its mission to be consolidated as a think tank, IBRE’s goal is to establish this modern communication channel as one of the main platforms of economic debate in Brazil, promoting discussions and insights on topics that advance the country’s economic development and social well being.

Visit the blog for more information.

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