The MBA in Business Analytics (Big Data) offered by FGV Management Sao Paulo stands out for its diversity.

The MBA courses offered across Brazil by FGV’s Institute for Educational Development (IDE) are benchmarks for Brazilian professionals and executives, as well as for foreigners from neighboring South American countries and Europeans who live in Brazil. The MBA in Business Analytics (Big Data) offered by FGV Management Sao Paulo stands out for its diversity.

The class features not only Brazilians from different regions of the country, such as Bahia and Pará, but also Chileans, Argentineans and Bolivians, as well as one German. Two of the Chilean members of the class travel from Lima, Peru, once every two weeks just to take the course’s classes, held fortnightly on Saturdays.

“I chose FGV because it was highly recommended by my colleagues and because there were no acceptance issues regarding my foreign diploma. For me, what stands out in the course is the global recognition and focus on current affairs, as well as the class environment and flexibility. I expect the course to add value to my daily activities and skyrocket my career,” said Ersin Erkan, German executive at Mercedes Benz do Brasil.

Coordinated by professor José Luiz Kugler, the MBA in Business Analytics (Big Data) is a one-of-a-kind course in Brazil, designed to train executives and managers in analyzing corporate issues and employing analytical techniques to handle the complexity, diversity and volume of digital data (“Big Data”), which make up the current competitive scenario.

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