The online newsletter features contributions from eight students from the fields of International Relations and Law.

Created by the Jean Monnet Chair of FGV’s Rio de Janeiro Law School (Direito Rio), the first edition of “Global Law in Context” kicked off earlier this month. Published in an online newsletter format, and coordinated by Professor Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida, the project features contributions from eight students from the fields of International Relations and Law, reviewing international case law and current events.

“In today’s fast-paced world, staying up to date is paramount. More than just knowing what is going on around the world, it is now essential to understand the consequences, implications and perspectives of such events. As a result, studying and understanding International Law has become a major challenge. Simply knowing its guidelines and standards is no longer enough. It is increasingly important to understand the events that are not only governed by these standards but also responsible for its changes,” said Professor Almeida.

That is the breeding ground of Global Law in Context, conceived to update and inform on different events worldwide, attempting to unravel its implications to European and International law, based on actual fact-based scenarios within the legal framework.

The first edition covered a broad range of current themes, such as the burkini ban in France, Brexit, the peace deal with FARC, the team of refugees during the Rio 2016 Games, Venezuela’s suspension from Mercosur, the closing of the International Criminal Court in Rwanda, the dismantling of the refugee camp in Calais, and future prospects for the European Union. The journal also covered the case “Tenorio Roca and others vs. Peru”, regarding the trial of the first head of state by the International Criminal Court, and the unrelenting issue of nuclear weapons in the international stage.

The journal featured Gabriela Porto (Jean Monnet Chair/UERJ), also this volume’s editor, Paulina Boéchat (CJUS/UFRJ), Maria Fernanda Dyma (Direito Rio), Júlia Knauer (UFF), José Eduardo Cury (Direito Rio), Letícia Gonçalves (IRI PUC), Larissa Souza (IRI PUC), and João Benício Aguiar (Direito Rio).

Under the goal of becoming a multidisciplinary benchmark for students from the School and other universities, seeking qualified updates in European and International Law and Policy, this edition marks the beginning of the periodic journal published on the website of Direito Rio’s Jean Monnet Chair.

Go to the website to access the complete version of the first edition of Global Law in Context.

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