In the U.S., Raúl will focus his studies in algebra, more specifically on issues related to representation theory.

Newly graduated from FGV’s School of Applied Mathematics (EMAp), Raúl Chavez has just been accepted by four major universities in the United States for a PhD course. After graduating in the second semester of 2016, the EMAp alum will continue his studies at Harvard.

This achievement is the result of Raúl’s commitment and dedication. Over the last two years, in addition to an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics, the student also completed a Master’s in Pure Mathematics at IMPA.

“EMAp was instrumental to support me with an excellent undergraduate course, taking care of all of the red tape so that I could focus on my studies. I believe I could enrich my knowledge with applied topics and greater experience in programming,” said the student.

In the U.S., Raúl will focus his studies in algebra, more specifically on issues related to representation theory. In addition to Harvard, the EMAp alum was also accepted by the Universities of Princeton, Chicago, and Columbia. He chose the Cambridge institution due to the opportunity to work with some of the best mathematicians in the field in which he intends to develop his research.

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